Our Instructors


Stephanie Mills

Stephanie Mills grew up in Dublin, Ireland and moved to Boston in the mid 1990’s. Steph grew up running 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, playing soccer and her all time love…. field hockey. She arrived in a hot vinyasa class 17 years ago to get a workout and alleviate stress. A back injury and subsequent surgery renewed her enthusiasm for yoga as she discovered the benefits of yoga for the mind and body. Yoga has been a game changer for her, she has found a place of calm and peace on the mat. Steph is a 500-hour teacher trained graduate of Down Under School of Yoga. Steph’s sequencing is thoughtful and challenging. Her hope is that students will come off the mat feeling challenged, refreshed and balanced. 

Tom Alden

Tom Alden has been a dedicated yogi for 45+years. He has trained directly with with Trungpa Rinpoche, SN Goenka, Ramanand Patel, and BKS Iyengar.  By 1994, he had more than 25,000 hours of meditation and yoga experience.  Since the early 70's, Tom has worked as a teacher and healer. He trained as a chiropractor and has mastered a full spectrum of manual therapy skills. Simply put, Tom is one of the most seasoned, knowledgable, and skilled manual yoga therapists in the West. In conjunction with his clinical and teaching experience, Tom developed the Open Mandala curriculum—a set of programs that teach healing and wellness from a yogi's perspective. He lives quietly, with his wife Patricia Walden.



Amanda Baldi

Yoga was there when Amanda sought healing for physical and subtle body injuries.  She believes that yoga is a profound way to reconnect with the essential self and natural systems, promoting physical fortitude, mental clarity, and spiritual wellbeing.

She is the founder and owner of Buddha Belly Health, a holistic health coaching practice, as well as a corporate wellness consultant, and energy worker with a passion for people, inner peace, and positive change. When not practicing the healing arts, Amanda works with NGOs to improve population health worldwide and volunteers in the Oncology Department at Mt. Auburn Hospital. She is an avid artist, writer, runner, and rock-climber who travels the world with her husband in search of the most inspiring vistas.          

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Nichole Bukowski

Nichole Bukowski has been a life-long athlete, coach, and educator.  She was a 4-year Division I starter and captain of the Boston College Eagles Field Hockey team. To date, she has run the Boston Marathon 14 times, in addition to 9 other marathons. 

Before earning her Master’s in Education, Nichole worked for a large IT consulting firm in Washington, DC.  She has taught in high schools, directed non-profit health and empowerment programming, coached field hockey, softball, basketball, and track, directed sport camps, served on the Belmont High School & District-Wide Social & Emotional Task Force, and coaches for the Marathon Coalition, which supports hundreds of Boston Marathon charity runners to train for and cross the Boston Marathon finish line.

She began practicing yoga in 2010 and felt a profound shift in her body and mindset after her first class. She knew this practice was something she had been previously missing in her life, as she had been managing ADHD and dyslexia since high school.  Through the practice she learned how to work with her life instead of against it and to accept who she is, to embrace her setbacks, and to be more responsive to challenges. She is forever grateful for all yoga and mindfulness have taught her and continue to teach her.

Her passion is teaching and coaching teens. Nichole's Be A Game Changer programs focus on teaching individuals how to be the best coach of their own lives. Her passion project is Game Changer Girls. The foundation of Game Changer Girls is threading together her personal life experiences with her professional background in education, yoga, mindfulness, and extensive studying of the developing teenage brain. In addition to developing Game Changer Girls, Nichole coaches freshmen field hockey at Belmont High School, teaches yoga & mindfulness classes, with a specialization in optimizing performance for individual athletes & teams, privately coaches runners, and offers private Life Coaching, specializing with teenage girls.

Lauren Copeland

Lauren received her 200 hour YTT through Inner Strength Studios in 2014, under the leadership of Roman Szpond and Lauren Star. Under the guidance and instruction of trainings led by Lara Hocheiser, and later, Elizabeth Goranson, Lauren also received the appropriate credits to become a kids yoga instructor; providing children a pathway to connect to their inner selves, and those around them, through creative movement, props, storytelling, music and yoga games. In 2016, Lauren furthered her credentials to become a certified prenatal instructor, from which she had the pleasure of learning under the guidance of Bec Conant. 

Lauren’s classes have  a continued focus on breath, self-awareness and safe alignment, with options for modifications and use of props.  As a teacher she strives to help her students safely grow their own practice from the inside out. Lauren actively teaches both adult and kid classes throughout Boston and surrounding areas. 


Amy Donohue

Amy tried her first Yoga Sculpt class in 2016 and became instantly addicted!  She began her training almost immediately to become a certified Yoga Sculpt instructor and has never looked back.  The upbeat classes with great music, combined with fast results were the driving forces behind her yoga sculpt addiction.  Fitness has always been part of Amy’s life.  She graduated from Westfield State College with a BS in Sports Medicine.  She went on to become an Occupational Therapist.  Amy was an avid runner, completing 5 Boston Marathons.  Amy and her husband John have four very busy children (ages 16,14,12 and 7).

Deena Freed

Deena was born in Russia and came to the US at the age of 12, discovering a local Ashtanga studio 10 yrs later. Deena found herself drawn to the mat, and the strength and agility created in class relieved back pain and lead to her lifetime love of yoga and its healing and strengthening benefits. Although Deena took a break from yoga to start a family, she found a studio in Newton and was able to rebuild her practice from the ground up. As a corporate trainer, Deena always wanted to take her training to the mat and completed the 500-hour teacher training at Down Under School of Yoga  with Natasha Rizopoulos in a 300-hour program. As a yoga teacher, Deena feels strongly about giving her students the foundations in alignment, linking breath with movement and challenging her students to find their sacred space on the mat. Deena lives in Newton with her husband and two children, Jake and Mia and their rescue dogs, Cheesecake and Charlie.




Nicole Giroux

Nicole completed her Children's Yoga Teacher training at ChildLight Yoga in Dover, NH. She is certified in Yoga & Mindfulness for Children, with additional certification in Baby & Toddler Yoga.

Nicole is also certified as a Creative Relaxation Instructor (Yoga for Children and Adults with Special Needs), having completed her training under creator Louise Goldberg. In addition to teaching children's yoga, Nicole is a Drums Alive coach and a children's librarian.


Patricia Grady

Patricia Grady began her yoga practice over 15 years ago starting with Bikram. Shortly thereafter she began practicing Vinyasa and most recently, Yoga Sculpt. Patty loves the heat and the detoxification that comes with practicing a fast paced flow. The benefits were immediately noticeable to Patty, marked improvements in her stress levels creating balance in her personal life, all of which keeps her returning to her yoga mat and into teacher training.

Patty lives in Watertown with her husband, Tim and three daughters, Maggie, Molly and Regan.

Patty received her 200 YTT under the leadership of Roman Szpond and Lauren Star at Inner Strength Studios.

Susan Harris

Susan Harris began studying yoga in 1992 when she was working in the biomedical sciences. She earned graduate degrees in nutrition and epidemiology, became an associate professor and research scientist at Tufts University, and published about a hundred scientific papers, most concerning the effects of diet and physical activity on musculoskeletal health in older adults. Yoga became an increasingly important part of her life and, while still at Tufts, she undertook yoga teacher training. This included a two-year teaching apprenticeship with Iyengar teacher Joseph Satlak, and a 500-hr Yoga Alliance registered teacher training program with Iyengar teacher Karin Stephan and The Lotus Pond, Tampa. Her scientific background and her personal yoga practice both contribute to her strong belief that people of all ages, fitness levels, and body types can benefit from yoga. 


Jess Hicks

Jess started practicing yoga and meditation with her parents as a child, and practiced off and on through college and several careers. She started practicing in a more dedicated way and was inspired to begin teaching after the birth of her own children. She wanted to share the practice as a way to heal and ground and to find new ways to connect to a changed and changing body.  It was these aspects of practice that helped her to work through cancer discovery, treatment, and recovery. Her teaching and practice are informed by her studies with Bo Forbes, Leslie Kaminoff, Judith Hanson Lasater, Liz Owen, and Josh Summers, among others. She has been particularly interested in the use of lovingkindness meditation, and you will experience aspects of this work even in her asana practices which will require both effort and self-compassion. 


Marca Katz

Marca  came to yoga 10 years ago during a time in which she was training for marathons, teaching step classes, and raising her 3 sons. Feeling a need for something with less impact but no less challenging, she was initially lured by the physical aspects of the practice, but kept returning to her mat as she experienced the many other benefits yoga brought into her life. Wanting to share this gift with others, Marca completed a 200-hour teacher training at Down Under Yoga in Newton/Brookline with Kate Heffernan, Peter Crowley, Angelina Hawley-Dolan, and continuing education with Natasha Rizopoulos, and Barbara Benagh.  With degrees in both nursing and exercise physiology, Marca’s dynamic yoga classes are intelligently and creatively sequenced, while providing a safe and gentle space for her students to practice at their own pace, enabling them to reach their


Jill Nowak

Jill arrived on her mat in her early twenties while living in New York City working towards a Masters in Clinical Social Work at NYU. In 2014 after relocating to Boston, Jill received her 200-hour teacher training at Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge, MA and she recently completed her 300-teacher training at Down Under School of Yoga under the instruction of Natasha Rizopoulos, Nicole Clark, Peter Crowley, and Barbara Benagh.

Jill ardently believes that her practice as a clinical social worker informs her style of relating to, and communicating with others in a compassionate and deeply respectful way. Jill is particularly interested in the way language is used during instruction to ensure that students feel safe, respected, and invited rather than commanded or without choice in their practices. Jill’s classes feature instruction that is alignment-focused, sequencing that invites exploration of and contact with your highest self, and space for honoring both strength and vigor while also allowing for softness and a surrender to occur. Jill hopes you will leave her class feeling balanced, and more like yourself.

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Ruby Perlmutter

Ruby has been teaching yoga since 2014, and has been studying yoga and meditation practices since 2006. Her classes focus on healthy, integrated movement and mindfulness practices that extend off of the mat into every day life. She offers classes focused on cross-training and recovery geared toward athletes, as well as classes focused on everyday movement patterns that benefit every body.

Her studies have included Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa in Los Angeles, CA, Baptiste Yoga                                                                                                              in Boston, MA, and Sivananda Yoga and Meditation in at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta                                                                                                                     Dhanwantari Ashram, in Kerala, India. She has completed CYT 200-hour Certifications                                                                                                                   at Yoga Center Amherst with Patty Townsend and Eric Love and at Yoga San Kalpa with                                                                                                                Lora Ksieniewicz.  She is currently registered with Yoga Alliance.


Erika Skorupski

Erika jumped into her first yoga sculpt class in 2013 and was immediately hooked! The intense combination of cardio and muscle toning set to heart pumping music was exactly what she needed to change up her workout routine and start seeing results! The environment of a yoga sculpt class- detoxing heat, challenging yet rewarding exercises, and high energy beats brought Erika coming back to class over and over again, and pushed her onto the path of yoga teacher training. In 2014, Erika received her 200-hour RYT from CorePower Yoga and began teaching vinyasa classes. She immediately went further and received her teacher training specifically in Yoga Sculpt, also through CorePower Yoga and has been teaching classes ever since!

Her classes are focused on providing unique, challenging workouts that are accessible to all levels while creating a fun, motivating atmosphere that is instantly addicting to all. In her other life, Erika works as a clinical social worker and enjoys relaxing at home with her two giant cats. She is excited for the opportunity to meet all new students and share her love of yoga sculpt with everyone who comes to class!


Maureen Walsh

Maureen began her practice with yoga classes at a local gym when a weekend at Kripalu in the Berkshires inspired her to make the practice a part of her daily life.  She soon discovered that yoga calmed her mind, helped her navigate the work stresses of the corporate world, and steadied her through family illnesses. After 10 years of regular practice Maureen decided to become a teacher to share yoga with others and to delve deeper into her own practice.  Maureen completed her 200 hour teaching training with Peter Crowley, Kate Heffernan, and Angelina Hawley-Dolan at Down Under School of Yoga in July 2015.  She completed her 300 hour teacher training with Natasha Rizopoulos at Down Under School of Yoga. In addition to being a yoga teacher Maureen is a second degree Reiki practitioner.