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Kids Yoga (ages 5-10) Every Sunday, 5-6pm

Kids will  explore asana (yoga poses) and learn pranayama (breathing tools) to increase body awareness, balance and posture, positive self-image, and strength.   Class includes breath work,   age appropriate asana practice, music, yoga games, and a closing meditation.  Age and intensity level variations will be suggested throughout the class to accommodate all of the students.

Baby Yoga series starts Friday, March 1 - April 5th. 11:00 - 12:00 pm. $75 for six weeks.

Baby Yoga is for pre-crawling babies ( from 2 months through age one). This child-centered class gives caregivers the opportunity to bond with their babies on the mat from their earliest days, connecting through gentle massage and developmentally supportive poses for the babies; and mindfulness, gentle stretching, and relaxation for the adults. Unlike a Mommy & Me style class, the primary focus here is on the babies' bodies, not on postnatal mothers, making this an excellent class for any caregiver, not just mom! Join a wonderful community for socializing babies (and their grown-ups!).