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Kids Yoga (ages 5-10) Every Sunday, 5-6pm

Drop in $15, or buy a 5 or 10 class card.

Kids will  explore asana (yoga poses) and learn pranayama (breathing tools) to increase body awareness, balance and posture, positive self-image, and strength.   Class includes breath work,   age appropriate asana practice, music, yoga games, and a closing meditation.  Age and intensity level variations will be suggested throughout the class to accommodate all of the students.


Game Changer Girls - Elevate Your Athletics, Academics, & More

8 Week Series Begins Sunday, September 16th.  Cost: $99

A Game Changer girl learns that they are truly the game changer of their life as an athlete, student, friend, team-mate, and most importantly captain and coach of their life. Each week of the Game Changer Girl series will focus on cultivating a skill through breath work, yoga postures and stretches, and mindfulness practices. These skills include but are not limited to self-awareness, resilience, perseverance, self-awareness, focus, commitment, trust, and more.  Your Game Changer will feel confident, less overwhelmed by the pressures of school, sports, friends, family, and more confident and in control of her daily life.

About Nichole
Nichole Bukowski has always lived an athletic life. From being a high school and Division I collegiate athlete at Boston College for the Lady Eagles Field Hockey Team, she knows the pressures that come with balancing school, athletics, and a social life. Through her continued athletic endeavors as a marathon runner (she has run and completed the Boston Marathon 14 times), tri-athlete, and coach, combined with her professional training as a consultant, educator, and yoga and mindfulness teacher, she has a deep understanding of the teenage brain and guiding teens to feel and be their best.