A Little About Us

Stephanie Mills is a native of Dublin, Ireland who moved to Boston in the mid 1990’s. She arrived on the yoga mat 17 years ago to get a workout and alleviate stress. A back injury and subsequent surgery renewed her enthusiasm for yoga as she discovered the benefits of yoga for the body.

After a successful career at WGBH TV, she gave it up to pursue another dream -  to become a yoga teacher.  Steph believes yoga to be a humbling experience that can benefit both the mind and body.  In establishing Simply Yoga, it is her hope to create a "yoga strong community" to provide a calming and soothing place where students can enjoy the benefits of yoga and leave the stress of their daily lives at the door.  Yoga nourishes the mind, spirit and body and helps create a happy and healthy community thus making a positive impact in our daily lives and the world around us.