Om Births™ Prenatal yoga at Simply Yoga


Prenatal Yoga with Om Births™

Thursday's at 5:30pm

Saturday's at 10am

Prenatal yoga is a gentle flow class geared at expectant mothers during all stages of pregnancy. Classes are centered around postures, breathing, and meditation to help soothe the challenges of pregnancy and to help you prepare for delivery. A sequence of active poses will help you strengthen your pelvic floor and legs, improve circulation, aid in digestion, and improve overall comfort. Restorative poses are incorporated into every class to help you relax and re-energize, while focus on breathing and meditation will help guide your attention inward. Whether you are new to yoga or looking for ways to modify your practice during your pregnancy, prenatal yoga offers supportive and calming environment in which pregnant women can bond with their bodies, their babies and each other.

Prenatal Partner Yoga

• Connect with your Partner and your Baby!
• No Prior Yoga experience necessary!

Date: TBD

$60 per couple

Workshop includes handouts on postures, massage and General Labor tips

This workshop provides an opportunity for couples to enhance their awareness and confidence in pregnancy and birth. Couples use Partner Yoga in a light fun atmosphere. Along with Partner Yoga, the workshop will also focus on different ways to connect and use Yoga off the mat and during Birth.

 Topics covered include:                                     

  • Yoga sequences and postures which could be useful during Labor and Delivery
  • Alternative Birthing positions and how to get in and out of them
  • Intuitive massage techniques to relieve pain and increase endorphins
  • Counter pressure techniques useful for relieving Labor pain
  • Vocal toning to facilitate relaxation and opening.
  • Partner Yoga is a fun practice of yoga postures done in physical contact with another person. Students experience a deeper sense of release and stretching through sharing weight and touch with their partners. The practice helps develop a strong feeling of connection both on the mat, and afterwards.

Baby and Me Yoga

Monday's  at 11:30am

This class is a gentle yoga class designed to help new Moms and Dads regain muscle tone, abdominal strength, and flexibility, which cultivating a peaceful, loving connection with the baby, and themselves. Postures stretch and strengthen tight muscles, while breath work, and relaxation exercises help students feel rejuvenated, and refreshed. Parents have a chance to interact with the baby during yoga practice, learning potential exercises to do at home. Please bring a receiving blanket for the baby to lie on, and any toys your baby enjoys. Due to the unpredictability of a baby's schedule, you may arrive up to 20 minutes late and still take class.