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Spine Care: Keeping it Simple with Ryan Hill.  Sunday, December 17th, 12:30-3pm.

A meditative yoga practice promoting spinal health and good circulation!  This workshop is appropriate for both beginners and  advanced students,  and teachers,  Active, strength building exercises and lengthy restoratives will be used to illustrate the spine's capacity.

You'll be asked to examine your patterns of action, and potentially find new ways to do old things. 

Ryan has been teaching in Somerville and Boston since 2008.  Once in the field of architecture, he appreciates the spacial and left-brained awareness the practice has to offer, and loves slowing things  down to feel something new.  He has trained with Barbara Benagh, Judith Laseter, and often quotes Richard Freeman.  With great enthusiasm, Ryan brings a light and relaxed energy to things that may otherwise be intimidating.  



Join Susan Harris for her Yoga Nidra Workshop
Sunday, TBD

Yoga Nidra, literally yoga sleep, is a deep and powerful form of guided meditation. It induces a state of mind between sleep and wakefulness, and facilitates deep relaxation. Based on ancient Indian meditation traditions, it involves eight stages (internalization, sankalpa, rotation of consciousness, breath awareness, manifestation of opposites, creative visualization, sankalpa, and externalization).