Yoga For Athletes with Ruby Perlmutter, Saturday, April 28th, 1-3pm. $35

This workshop is targeted to folks who are physically active, and do not have a regular yoga practice or are unsure how to incorporate yoga into their training schedule.  Suitable for all levels including folks who are newer to yoga and wish to learn how to practice in smaller increments on their own. The workshop has three specific goals:

Key yoga poses that include: down dog, chaturanga, up dog, warrior I and II, standing and seated forward folds, and variations of pigeon.                                                                                                                   
                                                                                                          Three 10-minute sequences that can be incorporated into your daily training as a post-
                                                                                                           workout ritual to include low body, upper body and core strength focus.   
                                                                                                           Basic Yin postures for recovery days and discuss the benefits of Yin yoga for athletes.                                                                                    


Family Yoga (ages 3 up) Sunday,
April 29th, 12:30-1:30pm. $15 pp or use your class card 

Join us for drop-in family yoga! Mum/Dad join your son/daughter on the mat (ages 3-10) We will sail the yoga seas as friendly pirates and explore yoga through buccaneer breathing techniques, pirate yoga postures and partner poses, and yoga games that will lead us to a yoga treasure chest! X marks the spot for family fun!

Bring a baby sibling along if you don't have a sitter.


Yoga to Soothe Stress and Anxiety with Jess Hicks.                                              Saturday, May 12th, 1-3pm. $35

In this workshop, Jess will guide you through a variety of gentle techniques to help you learn to ease the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. Practices will include yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, self-massage, and muscular release. You will leave the workshop feeling more relaxed and with several take-away practices to use in your daily life.

Jess has been using and teaching yoga and meditation to work through anxiety, stress, and post-partum anxiety for nearly ten years.