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Your Body In Yoga 4 week workshop with Tom Alden, starting
Wednesday, January 11, 5:30-7pm

Your Body in Yoga is a practical workshop that illustrates how the 4 layers and 8 parts of your body work together in yoga practice.

Tom Alden will lead you through a series of poses that illustrates how your body works and how to practice wellness in asana.

This workshop (along with the Fundamentals of Yoga offered last fall) provides a foundation for studying Healing in Yoga (the series Tom will teach in the spring).

Tom Alden is a seasoned yogi who has worked privately as a clinician for years. He is known regionally for his wisdom and skill.

$120 for 4 week workshop

Monthly Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop
January 21st, 5-7pm with Rob Phillips

In winter, the days get shorter and temperatures drop. It’s a perfect time to slow down your practice and re-energize your body. This Yin Yoga workshop will help you melt away layers of stress and leave you ready for the winter days ahead. 

In Yin Yoga we use passive holds of 3-5 minutes to access the deepest tissues of the body. There is no rushing physically or mentally, and the body is completely relaxed. You'll be encouraged to pay attention to each moment and work gradually through each pose. Since the technical practice is quite simple, this opens up an opportunity to learn the principles of mindfulness.

This two-hour workshop will focus on opening up the hips and lower body. As you work though the poses you will settle deeply, you will build a strong awareness of the body and breath. Class will end with a short mindfulness meditation to integrate all that was explored during the asana sequence.

$30 for workshop

Understanding and Managing Stress in Our Daily Lives Presented By The Loved Child.
January 28th, 3-5pm with Cindy Kaplan

This workshop will focus on understanding how our environment – family, work, social obligations, financial concerns, etc. – impact how we show up on a daily basis. Participants will explore and build awareness of how stress impacts them emotionally, physically, and cognitively, and learn some techniques for centering, rebalancing, and building mindfulness to help manage stress. The workshop will include various exercises and techniques to help you reduce stress, be present and feel more fulfilled as you go about your busy life. These techniques are short, easy to practice and require little or no preparation.  For more information on The Loved Child, go to

                                                                                                $30 for workshop