Game Changer Girls

Elevate Your Athletics, Academics, & More

With Nichole Bukowski

 Coach, athlete and yogi, Nichole Bukowski

Coach, athlete and yogi, Nichole Bukowski

$99 for 8 Week Series

Sunday September 16th  - Sunday November 11th, 3:30 - 4:30PM

*Skips Sunday October 7th, during Columbus Day Weekend

In Game Changer Girls, the teen athlete learns how to feel and direct the way they are breathing and pay attention to how this impacts their emotions and thoughts. They learn how to notice an emotion with awareness instead of letting an emotion overtake them. They learn how to be aware of thoughts in a way that gives them power of their choices, instead of acting from impulse. A Game Changer Girl learns that they are truly the game changer of their life as an athlete, student, friend, teammate, and most importantly captain and coach of their life. 

Each week of the Game Changer Girl series focuses on cultivating a skill through breath work, yoga postures and stretches, and mindfulness practices. These skills include but are not limited to self-awareness, resilience, perseverance, focus, commitment, trust, and more.  The Game Changer Girl will feel more confident, less overwhelmed by the pressures of school, sports, friends, family, and more in control of her daily life.

This series is open to all teenagers in grades 9-12 at the high school level. Teens who will be participating in fall athletics and enrolled or interested in participating in athletics in another season are encouraged to Become a Game Changer Girl. If there's doubt of the time commitment to this series during the school year, know that this program will give one back time, through teaching the skills of focus, distraction elimination, breathing into quality sleep, shifting thoughts of anxiety and worry, etc. 

Parents & Coaches, you are encouraged to attend the  Your Teen's Brain on Yoga & Mindfulness workshop to understand how important and valuable yoga & mindfulness is for teenagers. 

Discover Yin Yoga: Antidote to a Yang World

With Amanda Baldi

October 13th, 1:30-3:00PM - $25

 Amanda Baldi

Amanda Baldi

Yin Yoga is a complementary practice to dynamic, active vinyasa classes. Characterized by long, passive holds, Yin Yoga safely strengthens and lengthens connective tissue throughout the body, including ligaments, joints, and tendons. Physically, Yin Yoga restores and helps maintain natural mobility of the joints. Energetically, Yin opens the body's meridian system, improving the flow of chi throughout the body and supporting emotional equilibrium. Mentally, Yin emphasizes a state of stillness that helps us to access and cultivate greater patience, compassion, and self-awareness. 

In this workshop, we will uncover the Daoist history of Yin yoga, explore major meridians from Traditional Chinese Medicine, discuss the physical and subtle benefits, and explore the physical practice. Recommended for those with a strong vinyasa practice, as well as those looking to gain greater mobility and ease particularly in the lower body.

Arm Balancing Workshop

With Deena Freed

November 4th, 1:30-3:00PM - $25

 Deena Freed

Deena Freed

Learn how to conquer arm balancing. Whether you are just curious or a regular practitioner, take your arm balancing to the next level. This workshop will focus on basic to more challenging arm balance poses such as crow.

Be ready to be challenged but not intimidated. Everybody can do this on their own personalized level.
Balancing on your arms does not necessarily mean having strong arms but rather learning to shift your weight and engaging other muscle groups, like the core, and counter-balancing to distribute the weight.

Prepare to have lots of fun and defy gravity.