Deepen Your Practice

Workshop Series

Led by Jess Hicks

Accompanied by Amanda Baier, Deena Freed, Steph Mills and Audrey O’Shaughnessy

$175 per module.

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Drawing on the knowledge, experience, and training of Simply Yoga's teaching staff, we are offering a 4-module workshop series to deepen your experience of mind, body, and soul.

Over the course of four weekends, we will do a deep dive into postures, anatomy, meditation, and philosophy and history of yoga. Jess Hicks will lead off each weekend with her vast knowledge of the anatomy and weave in the sutras, the chakras, Sanskrit and much more!  Followed by a 90 minute practice on Sunday and a discussion on sequencing.   

Each module will include a sampling of one of the many styles of asana practice, including vinyasa flow, Yin, gentle, restorative, and yoga Nidra.

Space is limited for this one-of-a-kind offering!

Sign up for one, or all four. Class description and dates listed below!

Module One: Core, Central Line, Chakras, and The Sutras

May 18/19

We will begin with the physical anatomy of the spine and abdomen as well as basics of energetic anatomy. We will discuss a brief history of yoga, the first chapter of the Yoga Sutras and some fundamentals of Sanskrit. Practice will focus on core strengthening, lengthening, and release with asana, pranayama, and meditation. Each week we will add to our individual answers to the question of “What is Yoga?” and our discussion around balancing practices that are culturally sensitive and  personally meaningful.

Module Two: Hips, Feet and Legs, Fascia and Yin

June 8/9

This module begins with a discussion of Yoga Sutra chapter two, the blueprint of all things yoga. Anatomy will focus on hips, legs, and feet plus a brief introduction to connective tissue and its importance to our practice. Physical practices will focus on postures that utilize and release hips, legs, and feet and will include yin, meditation, asana, and myofascial release techniques. Continued discussion around the questions of “What is Yoga?” and cultural appropriation.

Module Three: Shoulders, Hands, Arms, Chest, and Inversions

July 20/21

In module three, we will discuss anatomy of the arm, hands, shoulder, and chest. Physical postures will include those that strengthen, lengthen, and release these areas and will highlight arm balances, twists, and inversions. This module will include discussion and practice of meditation techniques, Yoga Sutra chapter three, and yoga nidra as well as our evolving understanding of the question “What is Yoga?”

Module Four: Heart Opening, Pranayama, and Restorative

August TBD

Putting it all together. Anatomy will focus on the back with postures that highlight backbending and heart-opening.  We will discuss Yoga Sutra chapter four and will come up with a final yet evolving answer to the question “What is Yoga?”.  Practices this week will include meditation, pranayama, and actions to release tension and tightness along the back line of the body. The session will conclude with a discussion about and practice of restorative yoga.