Game Changer Girls - Strong Body, Strong Mind, Stronger Athlete 

*Middle School Female Athletes 

With Nichole Bukowski

Coach, athlete and yogi, Nichole Bukowski

Coach, athlete and yogi, Nichole Bukowski

$60 for 4 Week Series

Tuesday November 13th  - Tuesday December 4th, 5:00 - 6:00 PM

Join Nichole Bukowski,creator of Game Changer Girls, for a 4 week series to strengthen the body, mind, & spirit of your growing middle school female athlete. Each week the young female athlete will be guided through strengthening exercises for her body & mind to support her inner & outer resiliency. Young athletes who learn to take care of their body & mind learn to navigate challenge & opportunity with grace and grit. She will feel physically & emotionally stronger in her athletic, academic, and personal pursuits.

Game Changer Girls - Fit and Fierce for High Schoolers 

With Nichole Bukowski

$99 for 4 Week Series

Meet Monday and Wednesdays starting November 26th - December 19th, 5:00 - 6:00 PM

Come get sweaty, strong, & smarter in this 4 week cardio, strength, & mind fitness series with Nichole Bukowski at Simply Yoga. This class is PERFECT for any female taking the winter season off from athletics and looking to stay strong & fit and for any female not participating in high school athletics and looking to be motivated in a fun & challenging way. This class will include cardio and strengthening moves to fun & upbeat music. The class will end with a calming stretch and motivational mind strengthener led by Nichole. This class will help you focus and be more creative with your after school homework & studies & sleep more restfully at night. Grab your friends & teammates to boost your confidence, strength, and friendships! Friends who sweat and get strong together - bond together! Come Be Game Changer Girls at Simply Yoga

Elements of a Vital Live

A Women’s Health Coaching Circle

With Amanda Baier

Sessions meet Friday nights, 7-9PM:

January 11 & 25, February 8 & 22, March 8 & 22


Vital Life.png

Ladies, this is your year to take back your health! Join holistic health coach and yoga teacher, Amanda Baier, in taking the first steps toward a vital, energetic life. Together, we will work through the yogic principles of svadhyaya (self-study) and ahimsa (non-violence) to inform and transform the way you nourish the body and mind through food, sleep, stress management and mindful movement. Participants will take a 10-day cleanse to start the new year with a blank slate. Over the course of a 3-month program, we will create a framework for incorporating healthful principles into your daily life. Discussion topics include: eating for your body's individual needs, breaking down cravings, seasonal cooking, and understanding carbs, proteins, and fats - as well as learning the effects of mindfulness, gratitude, and the quality of your relationships on your mental health and physical body. Each session will end with an hour-long yoga practice to integrate new learnings and “a-ha” moments. You will emerge from this reset feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world.

Open to women of all ages. No previous yoga experience needed.

Space is limited.